Your donation helps to fund orphanages, schools and to spread the Gospel in Haiti, India and Pakistan.

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Josue Michel - Haiti

Pastor Josue leads a church congregation, runs an orphanage of 20 children, and heads a school that provides 1 free meal and an education to 250 children daily.

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Adiyya Paul - India

Pastor Paul's team ministers to the lower caste peoples of India through Gospel crusades, house visits and free programs for women, youth and AIDS victims.

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Fiaz Anwar - Pakistan

Fiaz and his wife Zeenat provide medical care to the poor, distribute Bibles, hold Gospel crusades, and run a sewing school providing free career training.

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June 12, 2017- Vietnamese Orphans

Hi This is Frank DiMora from The End times Research Ministry. I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video on the children I and Ascent Ministries are embarked on in supporting these 3 kids who lost just about everything. We can surely use your help in providing the funds to […]

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