Adiyya Paul

Pastor Adiyya Paul

Pastor Adiyya Paul

I am  pleased to introduce myself.  I am Pastor R. ADIYYA PAUL and am sharing the Gospel in the interior villages of our East Godavari District and other districts. I am physically challenged. My right leg was shocked by Polio when I was 5 years old.

God has chosen me to be a witness for him among the Gentiles. So I am very greatful to my Everlasting Father. His invisible hand  is leading and guiding me (1st Corin. 15.10).

I came from a family of  God’s servants. My father is also  working with me . I have two brothers and one sister. I am 34 years old, married and have two children. For the last seven years I have been sharing the Gospel.  There are 43 Gospel workers, pastors  and Bible women in my humble ministry who serve in different villages. They are all poor and come from down trodden classes.

We go to every house and share the Word of God. Because we are from down trodden classes, higher caste people won’t allow us to preach the Gospel in their villages. We face persecution, troubles and problems however we work hard to win every soul for God. I have gathered such devoted and dedicated Gospel workers and started this humble ministry on faith and we are all working for the Glory of God. We need your prayerful cooperation and support to go ahead in the ministry to win India for Christ.

Present Situation

Here most of the people are idolaters and stone hearted.  They worship idols — the creation rather than the Creator. They are poor and needy. They suffer a lot from lack of proper food and clothing, but we are working very hard to reach them with the Gospel. Orphan children wander on roads with empty stomach, disabled persons struggle to survive. Whenever I see their troubles my heart moves with compassion and love. I pray God will bless you to be a hope and refuge to my orphanage and ministry.

Please pray for them and for our work and do how the God prompts and enables you. My ministry needs you.



Our Vision and Mission

We conduct Gospel crusades, house visits, ministry among women, youth ministry and ministry among AIDS victims. So please let your blessing hands and kind heart display awesome deeds for our ministry in India.

What We Do

By the Grace of God there are 31 children in our care. They are from different villages where our team members  are spreading the gospel. At present I am just providing the children insufficient  food. I am unable to provide them proper food, clothing and to satisfy their minimum needs.

So I and my family and Gospel workers are  earnestly praying for God to provide for their needs, education and to make them self confident and respectable persons in the society. I request you to keep them in your daily prayers for God to open a way for them.